AM2108 Min Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module

  • Fully calibrated
  •  Digital output, I²C interface
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Quick response and strong anti-interference ability



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1. Product Summary

AM2108 is a temperature and humidity composite sensor module with calibrated digital signal output. It applies our latest digital module acquisition and RH&T sensor technology, connected through standard I2C digital signal. AM2108 has made improvements in wide voltage and low power consumption to reduce the power consumption of terminal equipment. It uses mini connector (1.27mm pitch) and mini size to meet the needs of more customers in their small equipment.

AM2108 can still maintain the long-term stability and accuracy of RH&T measurement in harsh environments. To ensure high quality, each sensor has been precisely calibrated and tested many times before leaving the factory. Its performance has reached the industry’s advanced level. It can be widely used in Smart homes, HVAC, Dehumidifiers, Automobiles, Medical, Consumer electronics, Automatic controls, Data loggers, Weather stations, and other related applications.

2. Key Applications
Smart Home Appliances, HVAC, Dehumidifiers, Automobiles, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Automatic Controls, Data Loggers, Weather Stations and other RH&T detection and control projects.


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Humidity Sensor
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Supply voltage

DC : 2.5 – 5.5V

Measuring range (humidity)

0 ~ 100% RH

Measuring range (temperature)

-40 ~ + 80 ℃

Humidity accuracy

±3%RH ( 25 ℃ )

Temperature accuracy


Output signal

I2C signal