The multi-functional environmental monitoring sensor is shocking and powerful with one to five!

With the economy’s development and industrialization advancement, air pollution has become more serious. WHO statistics show that 91% of the world’s population lives in an environment where air quality does not meet WHO standards. Various pollutants in the air, such as PM2.5, CO2, and TVOC., have multiple and composite characteristics, which are very harmful to human health. Air pollution over the years increases the risk of heart failure, according to new research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. In addition, air pollution can also lead to lung cancer and bladder cancer. When there are too many metal ions in the air, it may also cause diseases such as brain cancer and blood cancer.

Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the monitoring of indoor air environment quality. However, most of the air environment monitoring products currently on the market have a single function and cannot effectively monitor the intersection and complexity of pollutants such as gas and dust. Demand.

AEM1000 is powerful

ASAIR is a MEMS IDM company that focuses on providing intelligent sensor solutions. In response to the above phenomenon, it has launched the AEM1000 multi-functional environmental monitoring sensor based on MEMS technology to the market. People can use this product to easily and quickly reflect air quality and comfort. Simultaneously monitoring the environment’s essential indicators, including temperature and humidity, PM2.5, CO2, and TVOC.

Two kinds of interfaces to meet different needs

AEM1000 multi-function environmental monitoring sensor module integrates a variety of self-developed high-performance sensors. The function of monitoring data is compelling, and the module is small and exquisite, with low power consumption. It can provide two communication interfaces for customers to choose from, one RS485 interface, A UART interface, which outputs the standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol and customizes the output signal according to customer needs. The new generation of products has been improved to make it more stable in performance under high temperature and high humidity environments and has a solid anti-interference ability; at the same time, the product’s accuracy, response time, and measurement range have been greatly improved. Each sensor is strictly calibrated and tested before leaving the factory to ensure and meet customers’ large-scale applications.

Two significant advantages are highlighted

The AEM1000 multi-function environmental monitoring sensor has two advantages over a single environmental monitoring sensor. One is that multi-function sensors are more efficient in size, power consumption, and cost because each sensor has at least three standard components: power supply, data display, and data recording transmission. Integrating sensors can save repeated costs in these three areas. ; Second, in terms of usage scenarios, integrated sensors can help users make more accurate judgments on environmental changes.

AEM1000 is a good helper for indoor environment monitoring

AEM1000 has a powerful expansion function, which is convenient for secondary development and more flexible and higher configuration. It is designed in the terminal product to expand the control function and can be intelligently linked with the control switch of the smart home to create a healthy and green home environment. AEM1000 can accurately detect the temperature and humidity changes in the environment, intelligently control the operation of air conditioners and humidifiers and adjust the indoor temperature to a suitable temperature and humidity within a healthy range; when the detected PM2.5 value exceeds the standard, the air purifier is automatically activated; When it is detected that the indoor CO₂ concentration exceeds the standard, the fresh air, ventilation fans, and windows are automatically activated to improve the indoor air quality.

Suitable for household appliances such as fresh air fans

AEM1000 can meet a variety of application scenarios of indoor ambient air monitoring, such as fresh air fans, air conditioners, air purifiers series intelligent home appliances in office buildings, school classrooms, libraries, hotels, shopping malls, and other indoor places.