Environmental Monitoring Solutions

With development of new technologies, people have higher requirements for intelligence.

There are many fields need intelligence, such as cold chain transportation, medical storage, smart agriculture, smart home, industrial automation, etc.  

Therefore, AOSONG, professional in sensors, offers environmental monitoring solutions with its own advantages of resources.

Sensors collect the monitored information in real-time, to realize the perception and identification between people and things, things and things, through network access, thus realize intelligent application scenarios.  

In order to comprehensively monitor more than 10 kinds of environmental factors like temperature, humidity, air quality, PM2.5 and light, AOSONG integrates its own sensors, such as RH&T sensor, TVOC sensor, PM2.5 sensor, CO2 sensor, RH&T transmitter, PM2.5 transmitter, etc. And finally provide important data reference for management and decision-making.  

Sensors collect the data, and there is a database store these data automatically. AOSONG Cloud platform monitors the database in real-time. 

Thus it can improve environmental quality through adjustment of related equipment.

In order to achieve full automation and provide comprehensive sensing solutions, we can implement equipment linkage.

And finally achieve cold chain transportation monitoring, smart agriculture, smart home, intelligent warehousing, smart community/park, industrial automation, etc.