Home Appliance Application Solutions

AOSONG is an international leading R&D company. It’s leading manufacturer of various sensors like temperature and humidity, gas, flow, pressure sensor etc. AOSONG has nearly 20 years experience for R&D and production in smart home appliances. And provides customization service from concept to develop and mass production for different home appliance manufacturers.

AOSONG has own mature MEMS sensor technology and professional team. Aosong has fast R&D of high-precision sensors for smart room like kitchen, living room, bedroom and toilet. Also provides various application solutions such as smart dehumidification, temperature control, energy saving etc.

AOSONG sensors can integrate with other products, easy for secondary development. It helps shorten the develop period. With AOSONG sensor integrated, the products will have unique outlook, customized technical parameter, high precision and high stability. User interaction with smart device is easy and simple with the excellent product quality.