AHS01IB Water Steam Sensor

Power supply: 5V DC
Working temperature: -5~+150℃
Digital I2C output
Excellent long-term stability
Long life time


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1.Product summary

AHSO1IB is a water vapor sensor indepently developed by Aosong. This sensor has good features such as fast response time, wide temperature working range, high accuracy, fully calibration, etc. Inside AHS01IB, a humidity detection sensor is connected with a high-performance CMOS microprocessor integrated with 24-bit AD. This sensor has various advantages like high quality, strong anti-interference ability yet with very competitive price.


AHS01IB water vapor sensor can be used in many fields such as humidity control of microwave ovens, humidity detection of clothes dryers, intelligent humidity control of ovens, industrial measurement, humidity control of air conditioners, physical and chemical instruments, humidity detection of steam baths, etc.

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Model Number


Operating voltage


Operating temperature range

-5~+150°C (humidity detect part only)