AOF1010 Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor

  • Principles of Ultrasonic Propagation
  • High precision
  • long life
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • small volume
  • Responsive
  • DC 5V power supply
  • Simultaneous detection of concentration and flow
  • Standard serial communication


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1. Product Overview:

AOF1010 ultrasonic oxygen sensor is an ideal economic and practical oxygen concentration detection module based on ultrasonic principle. It has advantages such ahigh precision, cost-effective, high reliability and simple to use. It can be widely used in agriculture, industry, commerce, environmental testing, especially in the oxygen generator industry.

2. Application Scope:

As a sensor for accurately measuring oxygen concentration and flow, ultrasonic oxygen sensor can be widely used in various equipment that needs to detect oxygen concentration and flow in the fields of medical treatment, industry, chemical industry, mining and food. For example: medical oxygen generators, industrial oxygen generators, oxygen concentration detection equipment used in mining environments, oxygen concentration detection of food storage and production equipment, etc.


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