AGR10 Gauge Pressure Sensor

  • Rapid response
  • Stable signal output
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • SOP6 packaging form
  • Flexible pin definition


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1.Product summary

ASAIR AGR10 series sensors are suitable for piezoresistive pressure sensitive chips processed using MEMS technology in biomedicine, vacuum negative pressure and home appliances. The chip consists of an elastic membrane and four varistors integrated on the membrane. The four varistors form the Wheatstone bridge structure. When the pressure acts on the elastic film, the bridge will generate a voltage output signal that is linearly proportional to the applied pressure. The pressure value can be calculated by measuring the output voltage of the Wheatstone bridge. The ASAIR AGR10 series is packaged in standard SOP6 form for easy use of SMT.


Medical: blood pressure monitor, ventilator, oxygen generator, nebulizer, monitor, etc. Industrial application: negative pressure measurement, pressure instrument, etc. Home appliances: washing machine, beer machine, coffee machine, vacuum cleaner, water purifier, water heater, etc. Vacuum negative pressure: vacuum packaging machine, vacuum mixer, vacuum wall breaking machine, vacuum fresh-keeping box, vacuum pump, etc.

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