AEM1000 Environmental Monitoring Model

  • Full calibration
  • 5V voltage supply
  • Dig ita l output (dua l ports), dua l RS485 ports (MODBUS protocol) or single RS485 port and single UART port
  • Customizable output signal
  • Fast response and strong anti-jamming ability
  • Small and delicate


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1.Product summary

AEM1000 is the latest environmental monitoring product developed by Aosong Electronics. This product equips with a variety of self-developed high-performance sensors. It can detect gas temperature and humidity, PM2.5, CO2, VOC, etc., and use standard MODBUS data output signal format (customizable) for secondary development. The new product generation has improved to make their performance more stable in high temperature and humidity environments. At the same time, the accuracy, response time, and measurement range of the products have greatly improved. Each sensor is manufactured with strict calibration and testing to ensure and meet the large-scale application of customers.

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Environmental Sensors
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Humidity range


Temperature range


PM2.5 range


CO2 range

400~5000 ppm

VOC Sensor


Working voltage

5.0V DC

Output mode



>10 years